Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday Deals 2018

Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday Deals 2018

Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley Black Friday 2018 Deals

Spitzer R5 Remote control electric golf is a fully remote controlled trolley. It gives you the opportunity to walk the course without any worry about carrying a heavy golf. Spitzer’s R5 comes with an AUTO IQ control framework that enables the user to set distance timer. R5’s easy movable radius is more than 10m (10/20/30 m).

The frame is made up of High Tech Aluminium Alloy S-Frame that makes it lightweight, durable & good looking. This product also offers you a powerful pair of 200 W noiseless DC e-motors.

Features of Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley

  • Light Weight: Weighs up to 31 lbs (without battery) & 55 lbs (with battery).
  • Automatic Distance Timer
  • Digital Display
  • Anti-Jamming Controller
  • Maximum Speed: 10 km/hr.
  • Maximum Remote distance: 100 m
  • Maximum Inclination: 35 degrees
  • Maximum Loading: 40 kilograms
  • Frame: High Tech Aluminum S-Frame + Mandrel Bent Aluminum Trending + Tri-Coat Paint System
  • Premium Battery (Lead-Acid) + High Amperage quick intelligent Auto charger

Spitzer’s R5 is an electric push cart that is delivered as advertised. This product has got positive reviews except one factor i.e. Wheels. People have faced issues with wheels while turning. It has been reported that rear wheel is not well-designed & built of plastic.

The trolley comes with a 1 year warranty. If you face any issue regarding this product within warranty period, Spitzer customer service will surely assist you. Only few percentages of buyers have faced problems related to wheels while turning. You can also change wheels.

If wheels aren’t the problem while turning this product is “A MUST BUY” product. Overall this product is an excellent choice & can be used for many years (with proper maintenance).


NovaCaddy S2R Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday 2018 Deals

Novacaddy S2R is highly efficient & powerful electric trolley driven by 2 independent 200 W motors. This trolley is capable of driving on different terrains. It’s lightweight but tough & durable too. Use of aerospace grade aluminum & polymer components makes it durable & lightweight. S2R offers you 7-Speed control & brakes for downhill terrains.

FEATURES of NovaCaddy S2R Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley

  •  Digital control panel + 7-Speed settings
  • T Handle 10/20/30 yards
  •  Electronic brake
  • Remote control with a range of 110 m
  • Weight: 9.5 kg without battery, 12 kg with Li-Battery & 19.5 kg with Pb-Acid Battery
  • Maximum capacity: 40 kg
  • Automatic charging stop when fully charged
  • Detachable Seat
  • Inclination Capacity: 25 degree

The S2R is without question a standout amongst the most superior and focused carts in the worldwide market for mechanized golf push carts. This product is a perfect combination of Functionality, Performance & Value. You can select from High capacity 12 Voltage, 35Ah Pb-Acid Battery or super lightweight 12V or 20Ah Li-Battery by paying extra charges. You also get Scorecard holder, Cup holder, Umbrella holder & Toolkit along with Novacaddy S2R Trolley. There aren’t bad reviews about this product except for few packaging issues. But, thanks to Nova caddy’s customer service.


Cart Tek Gri-1500Li (Silver) Remote Power Electric Golf Caddy Black Friday 2018 Deals

GRI-1500 Li is #1 selling golf caddy for Cart Tek. GRI is made up of aviation grade aluminum with perfect frame welding. The product comes with an adjustable handle that allows golfers of all height & maximizes space while carrying your kit. Coming towards interior, GRI 1500Li uses 24 volt high rotational motion motors accompanied by a 10Ah Li-ion battery(capacity:- approximately 27 holes).


FEATURES of Cart Tek Gri-1500Li Remote Power Electric Golf Caddy

  •  Fully Remote Control
  • Adjustable Handles: 36 to 45 inches
  • Battery: 2 Year Warranty + Li-ion battery with 500 plus charging cycles.
  • Suitable for wet climatic conditions too
  • 3 different Holders: Stainless Ball holder, Beverage holder & ABS umbrella Holder
  • Lightweight frame: 22.5 lbs(without battery) & 26 lbs(with battery)
  • Range: Up to 36 holes depending on course conditions
  • Inclination Capacity: 30 degrees

Cart Tek’s GRI 1500Li won’t disappoint you. This is an expensive equipment but this is a must buy on this black friday deal.

People have positively reviewed this product. GRI has also been compared to many caddies. The only problem few buyers have faced is “Response of Remote”. It has been reported that batteries drain pretty quickly. But that’s not a big deal because Cart maintains battery life very well even after 30+ hole rounds.

Cart Tek’s Customer service is also responsive so you don’t need to worry if something goes wrong. A compact remote controlled golf item & electric golf trolley integrated. Overall it’s an excellent product but needs some concentration while controlling this cart.

Few more CONS :

  • Lightweight with a short wheelbase that tips over at least once
  • It needs to be guided & needs attention
  • Tip over even when enough weight is placed
  • Difficulty while turning but rarely



Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

The X9 Follow comes under X-Series by Stewart Golf & is a multi-award winning model.

X9 is designed like a Follow golf trolley but “Follow Mode” comes with full remote control. X9 is available in Metallic Silver, White & Black color that gives you a standard status.

The thing you get unique over here is Bluetooth technology that transfers signal for controls.

Features of Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

  • Stylish: Unique futuristic & high-end looking product with sporty wheels makes a good combination that might be the new envy of your golf course.
  • Battery: 12-Volt LI-Battery is provided with X9 which comes with 2-year warranty.
  • Handset: Bluetooth connects the handset for remote control
  • Technology: Trolley follows you when you walk if set on “FOLLOW”.

So overall the amount you are paying using this black friday deal is worth & there’s no other trolley like it.


NovaCaddy Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

If you want to experience advanced modified caddy then this is a perfect one for you. X9R’s remote control range is approximately 80 to 120 yards. Adjustable speed motor, 7-Speed settings & capping off at 5 miles/hr make this product capable of a range of 12.5 miles i.e. capable of going through all 18 holes.


  • Stainless steel & Aluminum material used
  • 3-Wheel design
  •  Lightweight
  •  Remote range up to 120 yards
  •  Directional function : Forward as well as reverse
  •  LCD Screen
  •  Umbrella, scorecard & cup holders provided
  •  Detachable seat
  • Capacity up to 44 kg
  • 7- Speed settings
  • Max Speed: 5 kmph
  •  Foldable
  •  Toolkit & Gearbox given


  •  Remote control stops working unexpectedly (Rarely)
  •  Frame might bend because of heavyweight put on.
  •  Front wheel is small compared to others & might get stuck in dirt.


Bat Caddy X4 Electric Golf Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

Using the Bat-Caddy, you don’t risk the kinds of back injury you could get by carrying your clubs, and you don’t get exhausted by pushing your hand-cart up steep hills. Overall the cart is wonderful, runs great, does awesome on hills.

This combines all features into 1 product & you can focus on your game & impress your friends.


  •  Weight, durability, long battery life, effortless control, storage & value for money
  •  Available in silver(oxidized color)
  • Speed up to 9.6 km/hr
  •  Unique:- Reverse function
  •  ISO 9000 Quality Standard verified


Accessories like umbrella, scorecard & beverage holders should have been kept free or low priced.  The product is expensive & it might have been kept free.


Bat Caddy X3 Electric Golf Caddy/Trolley Black Friday 2018 Deals

Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Golf Cart is manufactured by using aluminum & ABS. ABS is used for constructing back support & Aluminum for frame making.

This product offers you foldable design that can be done just by 1 click.

Bat-Caddy offers you a 1-year warranty for this product.

You also get Electronic brake system & Off-Power mode that enables you to slow down or stop caddy according to you. In Off-Power mode your golf cart is freewheeling. Bad Caddy X3 is waterproof i.e. you can use it an entire year without limitations.

Buyers haven’t found any specific drawback but few buyers demand more speed(More than 8 km/hr).


Spitzer EL100 Lithium Ion Electric Golf Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

If you are a golf player you would always like an electric cart because of ease & features.

Spitzer EL100 is an electric cart & can be considered as durable & lightweight. You can also control speed according to your convenience. This product also performs excellently while going uphill or downhill. You would be happy alongside this product even while 18th hole.

But this product has also got drawbacks, users think the cart holder given is small & they don’t provide a scorecard. Buyers have reportedly disliked umbrella & water bottle holder.

Your golf bag can weigh more than 15 kg & carry it for 18 holes will definitely make you tired. The Spitzer EL100 golf cart can help you out by carrying weigh up to 30 kilograms. This cart’s frame is foldable. One last drawback of this product is the user manual. User manual needs to be made easy to understand.

Bat Caddy X3R Remote Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday 2018 Deals

Every feature offered by the previously discussed model are included in this too, plus reverse direction is added. The product comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Things you will like :

  • Appearance: X3R looks classic as well as durable. Materials used in this product is Aluminum & ABS. ABS is used for building Frame locks while axles & wheel cores are made up of steel material. X3R is a waterproof product i.e. All season durability.
  • Power: 2 motors each of 200 W power are responsible for driving this cart.
  • Safety: If no signals are received for 45 seconds, the trolley would automatically stop.

Let’s have a look at the drawbacks:

  • The remote control is sensitive: You might think this to be a good feature but if buttons are pushed accidentally, this might irritate you.
  • According to buyers feedback the storage seems to be small as compared to other golf carts.

Best product for if you are a beginner!


GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Unfolding Golf Push Cart Black Friday 2018 Deals

If folding or unfolding a golf cart is troublesome for you then GOLFERPAL EASYPAL ELECTRIC AUTO-FOLDING/UNFOLDING is the best choice for you. The Golferpal Easypal is a 4-wheeled golf cart that can automatically fold & unfold itself.

Over here also you get an umbrella & bottle holder.

Easypal is priced a bit more than it offers but you can get it at a fair price with this black friday deal.

There are 2 drawbacks of this product as follows:

  • You cannot detach umbrella and cup holder when folding or unfolding the cart.
  •  Brake cables are tight sometimes

But this cart is easy to setup & mobility should be appreciated.

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