Top 9 Golf Fairway Woods Black Friday Deals 2021

Golf Fairway Woods Black Friday Deals

Trending 9 Golf Fairway Woods Black Friday Deals 2021

Guess you looking for some really amazing Golf Fairway Woods Black Friday deals 2021. Well, you are in the right place. Definitely check out these top 9 chosen Black Friday deals on golf fairway woods.

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TaylorMade M3 Fairway Wood Black Friday 2021 Deals

It has a small curved speed pocket which lets the face flex more, moves the center of gravity more forward, and reduces spin.

It also has a wider face which makes the club more playable and easier to make good contact.

The M3 is the new and improved version of the previous M1.  It is made for better players with an adjustable sliding weight.

It has more of a round shape compared to the M1.

The crown is also thinner than before so more weight can be added to the bottom of the club.


  • Has good adjustments which can help a lot of players.
  • Made for a more variety of players compared to the previous M-1.


  • Wouldn’t be the best option for mid to high handicaps with lower swing speeds.
  • Price.

If you’re a lower handicap golfer who wants a club with more forgiveness, higher launches, and less spin the M3 would be a good option. I definitely liked the club and Taylormade has made a lot of great changes from the previous M1 series.

It is available at the cheapest price on this black Friday 2018.


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